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From the episodes I've watched, this is quite an entertaining drama, but I'm setting my expectation low so I don't expect too much, and just enjoy the cuteness. It was definitely the modern girl who wanted a divorce, since he only gave her to the count of 3 to decide she took the initiative and kissed him then apologises to the other girl for using her body. The modern girl is more forward and actually seems to like Mo Lian Cheng, but the other girl would have never allowed him to touch her since she is still in love with eldest prince,even though he married her mean elder sister.

The production level of this drama isn't as high as some of the more popular ones The story isn't the most original one Thank you for this!!! I had found small summary about the dual personality thing, but wasn't able to make sense of it since no one seems to be subbing it. I only came upon this drama because an Instagram feed post had it pictured and I thought the main male lead was super attractive LOL. I can't understand much of the story, and overall, the acting for me is okay, but not great.

Love - Wikiquote

It's not bad, but sometimes the acting is just a little too green or obvious they're trying to portray something. I do understand that this is mostly a rookie cast though, so understandable. But, despite that, I love the pull-and-tug with the main leads, especially cause the dual personality makes it really interesting.

Gotta say, love the kiss scenes as well lol - and every time Lian Cheng smirks, I shriek a little lol. I really hope Viki or DF pick up the license for it, or someone takes on the role of subbing it since it's only about 12 hours worth. No wonder I thought his name sounded familiar!!

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I remember him now as the guy that was rumored for a long time to be Kris's replacement in EXO or be one of SM's Chinese trainees in general. Here is site to the Novel.

It's only 31 chapters that have been translated to English. Those chapters only covered up to the part where she went back to her parents after the marriage.

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Youtube got the normal chinese episodes. The fastest subbed language is Vietnamese, already seen in youtube. Ya, his smirk is quite addictive to watch. Here in this scene, the girl wanted him to divorce her so that she can leave. She hesitated for a while b'cos giving in her idea is since this isn't her body There's no bedscene Another scene And he was staring at her face and neck all these time.

The Eternal Love 2 - EP2 - Dirty Thoughts [Eng Sub]

His eyes moved abit while she suddenly turn to face him upclose. About their acting His char is supposed to be super calm, arrogant type For her, my guess is she tried to act very differently for the 2 souls, one demure and slightly moody Just a trivia You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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    Review: Love and Destiny vs Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love)

    QiDian Yuewen. New Log In. Read In Library Add to Library. Read on mobile device Report story. About Table of Contents. Synopsis A girl too naive, unknown to the world Still growing, still studying Life her teacher, too magnanimous His betrayal and abandonment, her lesson Three years passed Her heart deprived of love and affection No joy, no happiness Burning with hatred, her hardships have no end But pain is on both sides Through the whirlpool of life, surviving somehow They meet again A decade passed Her mind vengeful, his past woeful But only he will know, what his future shall hold Passing through tests, winning her heart Will he achieve his goal?!

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