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The area that is more difficult to establish is the match between your personality and the job. This is where our career test can help. We conducted research with 17, people into job enjoyment, described in our personality test technical manual. This showed that the main factors in job enjoyment were:. Our personality test, at the Metarasa Personality Page, uses this research to predict your level of enjoyment in each job.

This is based on personality and not the other factors described above.

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It provides free analysis for twenty careers, with a low cost option for careers. Personality Test. Myers Briggs. Team Building. What Career is Right For Me? The best career tests: Are based on research with people already in careers Use themes, such as personality type Use your unique personality profile Match your individual personality to careers Take account of the demands of the job Are statistically valid and robust Our careers test meets all these criteria. This showed that the main factors in job enjoyment were: The degree of difference or stretch between the job profile and your unique personality profile not your personality type.

Middle Age castles and palaces built by the European nobility are among the most important buildings in the German architectural history. It is estimated that there are around 25 thousand castles throughout the whole country. The difference between castles and palaces is that the first were built for defense in a battle while the second were designed more as only a residence for the wealthy noblemen of the time.

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If you are in Germany and you fail to see from close at least one castle and one palace then you have lost a lot in terms of experience and learning about Germany. Below we have listed few of the most famous palaces and castles of the country. It has sprawling gardens with wine grapes and fountains. From outside it looks as if it is part of a fairytale. This is one of the most luxury palaces in Germany, located on its own private island in the lake of Schwerin. Today it serves as a parliament for the Mecklenburg region and a public tourist destination as well.

A Romanesque Revival castle build in that attracts more than 1. It was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and it has a striking view of the Bavarian countryside, which has been an inspiration to many creative works. This one thousand-year-old castle that looks like the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the magical world of Harry Potter, is built in the tiny city of Cochem that has around 5, citizens.

The castle has many towers, one of which is called Witches Towers. It is believed that during the 17th century witch-hunt, women suspected of witchcraft were thrown out of this tower to see if they survive. Germany is home to a great number of cathedrals and monuments that date back to the BC era. Some of its most famous cathedrals date back to the 12 century, while there are monuments build in the 21th century that are listed among the most visited places by tourists in Germany.

The iconic Cologne Cathedral is one of the identification buildings in Germany. The Gothic cathedral started building in the 13th century and it took almost years to completely build it. Fortunately, the building survived even after being bombed 14 times in World War II. It houses the largest swinging church bell to have ever existed in the world, and it hosts 6 million visitors each year.

Before the Washington Monument and the Eiffel Tower were built, Cologne Cathedral was the tallest building in the world. An iconic landmark located in the capital of Germany, Berlin, which is at the same time the largest city in the whole country. Build in a neoclassical style after the Acropolis in Athens and commissioned by a Prussian king as a symbol of peace, in the 18th century it served as a city gate.

It also served as part of the infamous Berlin wall and was seen as a symbol of division for decades. The memorial which was ceremonially opened in is built in the middle of Berlin in memory of the six million victims of holocaust. Since its construction, it has sparked a lot of criticism for the idea behind it and for what it represents.

Still the memorial attracts a lot of visitors annually. Carnivals and festivals in Germany are a joyful period of the year in which whole cities engage in all-out parties and colorful celebrations. The Carnivals have a long history in Catholicism, while today they are celebrated by street parades of people wearing costumes and masks. There is a variety of carnivals and festivals celebrating all spheres of life and joy.

A carnival that takes place in the streets of the Cologne each year, and opens exactly at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th of the 11th month November. It consists of parades, balls and stage shows. People wear different costumes and masks and celebrate in the streets singing and dancing, and of course drinking beer. The parades are of different themes, and participants wear costumes and masks according to that theme.

Oktoberfest dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, and since then it is one of the most celebrated events in the history of Germany.

11+ Best Podcast Hosting Sites for 12222 (with Top 5 Free)

The festival is all about beer, parades of restaurateurs on carriages from downtown to the festival grounds, and people in costumes. It is considered to have a vital role in the Bavarian Culture gathering around 6 million people to celebrate the tradition, drink tons of beer and enjoy the treats of German cuisine.

The city of Munich has been organizing this festival since the year This is especially true when the risks are high and the consequences matter. Instead, a great leader motivates people. They encourage others to follow them. They also lead by example, which few leaders do today.

Being an effective leader requires constant focus, perseverance and building a team that is accountable and designed get results. Without the team there can be no real leadership. These ten unique perspectives provide great insight while also validating certain commonalities. Many of us in leadership or management positions know what we need to do to be better leaders, we just sometimes fail to act.

- The Washington Post

Being a great leader requires constant personal and professional development, regular transparent feedback from the team, self-reflection and taking action on feedback received. Great leaders are rarely satisfied with their performance. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin All business owners and executives have varying experiences and perspectives on the approach and qualities necessary for effective leadership.

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