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Because free-falling objects are accelerating downwards at a rate of 9. The dot diagram at the right depicts the acceleration of a free-falling object.

Free-Falling Objects

The position of the object at regular time intervals - say, every 0. The fact that the distance that the object travels every interval of time is increasing is a sure sign that the ball is speeding up as it falls downward. Recall from an earlier lesson , that if an object travels downward and speeds up, then its acceleration is downward.

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Free-fall acceleration is often witnessed in a physics classroom by means of an ever-popular strobe light demonstration. The room is darkened and a jug full of water is connected by a tube to a medicine dropper. The dropper drips water and the strobe illuminates the falling droplets at a regular rate - say once every 0. Since both Space Shuttle and astronaut are falling with the same acceleration, the astronaut appears to be "weightless" and "floats" relative to the Shuttle.

If you know the local value of the gravitational acceleration, you can use the equations for translation of an object to obtain the instantaneous velocity and location as a function of time. The mass must remain constant for a constant acceleration to occur.

If one launches an object from the surface of a planet, and there is only gravity acting on the object no thrust and no drag , the resulting trajectory is described by the ballisitc flight equations. The remarkable observation that all free falling objects fall with the same acceleration was first proposed by Galileo, nearly years ago. Galileo conducted experiments using a ball on an inclined plane to determine the relationship between the time and distance traveled.

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He found that the distance depended on the square of the time and that the velocity increased as the ball moved down the incline. The relationship was the same regardless of the mass of the ball used in the experiment. The story that Galileo demonstrated his findings by dropping two cannon balls off the Leaning Tower of Pisa is just a legend.

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