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Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Elsevier ISSN Aquaculture International 26 2 : Chemosphere Chapter 3, pp.

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In: Kaul BL ed. Astral International Pvt. Chapter 7, pp. Chapter pp. Journal of Limnology 77 3 : Wetlands Allelopathy Journal 45 2 : Bioassay of the effect of phenols produced by Myriophyllum aquaticum culture on Lactuca sativa. ISSN: print version. ISSN: electronic version. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology 35 6 : River Research and Applications. Online ISSN: Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Chemistry and Ecology 33 3 : Hydrobiologia DOI SILnews Four transgenerational demographic performance of Moina macrocopa exposed to chronic levels of cadmium.

ISSN: Journal of Environmental Biology 38 6 Special Issue : Journal of Environmental Biology 38 6 Special Issue : 1 page. Special Issue.

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Journal of Environmental Biology 38 6 : Pp Obituary: Prof. Maria Rosa Miracle Journal of Limnology 75 1 : Allelopathy Journal Journal of Limnology 75 s1 : Journal of Limnology 75 s2 : Changes in prey preferences of dragonfly naiads of Rhionaeschna multicolor Hagen, Odonata: Aeshnidae in presence and absence of macrophytes. Aquatic Insects 37 3 : Courses on the Ecology and Taxonomy of Zooplankton in Mexico during Advances in Shallow Lakes Research.

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Limnology - Lake Morphology

In: B. Kaul ed. Pp Benefits, costs and reactivity of inducible defences: an experimental test with rotifers. Johnson, Cladocera: Daphniidae in Mexico and its demographic characteristics in relation to algal food density. SIL News 33 E. Estudio de Estado. Biblioteca Mexiquense del Bicentenario. SIL News E. Population growth and body size in five rotifer species in response to variable food concentration.

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Donner, J. Annual succession of planktonic rotifers in the Kainji Lake, Nigeria. Revue, Ges. Eaton, J. Algal investigation.

Serie: Developments in Hydrobiology

Water Chemistry: techniques of analysis and problems encountered. Edokpay, S. The Niger and Benue in Nigeria's economy: past, present and future. Ekwemalor, A. Frame submitted to Kainji Lake, Nigeria, April Report to KLRI. El-Zarka, S.